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Google Daydream View review: Hands-on

By Chris Martin | 05 Oct 16




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£69 inc VAT

Google Daydream View audit

Close by its new Pixel telephones, Google Home and the Chromecast Ultra, Google declared its first Daydream VR headset at its 4 October London occasion. We were there to look at it so here's our Google Daydream View hands-on survey. Likewise observe: The finish manual for VR.

Google Daydream View survey: Price and discharge date UK

Instead of a completely fledged VR headset like the HTC Vive, the Daydream View is one by which you, er, see a cell phone through implicit focal points. It's a stage up from Google's prevalent cardboard VR and makes it an opponent to any semblance of Samsung's Gear VR.

Since the Daydream View VR headset doesn't contain a gigantic measure of tech, depending on the telephone for most, its cost is generally shabby. You can get it for just £69 and it has a UK discharge date of November. The cost of the telephone includes a great deal with the less expensive Pixel beginning at £599.

Join the holding up rundown on the Google Store.

Google Daydream View survey: Design and fabricate

The Daydream View VR headset is a standout amongst the most appealing we've seen with its texture covering all things considered. It's accessible in three hues: Slate (as shot), Snow and Crimson.

Google said it's buckled down on making a comfortable vibe and it's positively done this with the 'shirt texture' wrap up. It's an agreeable and genuinely light weight VR headset at 220g (around 30 percent lighter than the normal). The movable strap just goes round your head as opposed to over it which marginally confines how rapidly you can move your head without dread of it tumbling off.

Google Daydream View VR

The breathable texture secured froth which reaches your face is delicate and comfortable and we could utilize the headset with glasses with no inconvenience.

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Controlled By

Embeddings the telephone is simple by means of the pivoted fold at the front which is held set up with a versatile catch (ideally that doesn't destroy after some time). Because of NFC, the telephone and headset comprehend what's going on so when you put the Daydream View headset on, the application has as of now propelled.

We talked about the Google occasion directly after it happened on our podcast. Listen here:


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